Handcrafted CBD Oils from High-Quality Organic Materials

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About HU Botanicals

HU Botanicals Ltd. focuses on the manufacturing of high quality CBD oils, sourced from the highest quality organic materials. We oversee the farming process in sites in Ireland to ensure compliance with the required EU standards.

The Company

HU Botanicals oversees every aspect of the conversion process from raw Hemp to the production of high quality CBD oil.

The company focuses on a pure soft cold pressed version of the oil which is called Golden Oil or HuGold. It is the perfect oil because it has a potent CBD ‘entourage effectʼ as well as being completely compliant with current food grade laws in Europe. As well as processing for clients, we’re constantly testing new techniques and working with Universities to further the research.

We pride ourselves with being able to oversee the entire supply chain. Ensuring natural farming, harvesting with care, slow drying of crop and handcrafted oil processing. The Farm & Processing Facility in Ireland is overseen directly by Founder & Farmer Michael Lynch.

Our clients count on us to transparently deliver a product for their customers that they can whole heartedly stand behind, knowing its content is of 100% natural materials, grown from ground to crop with love, with no chemicals nor from stressed production processes.

The Process


Three generations of farmer in Ireland sew the seeds in 100% natural, nutrient rich soil.


The crop is hand harvested and dried. Preserving the Flower, Leaves and the Trichomes.


The crop is gently warmed by hot oil passing around it to release its natural goodness. It is hand-driven into Oil, using Organic Hemp Seed Oil.


Each batch is lab tested and quality controlled by the reputed J G Laboratories before being dispatched.

The Entourage Effect

The benefit for the body is more holistic and potent when the oil contains the full range and spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.